About Us

HRT Inspection Inc. is a non-destructive testing company specializing in field inspections using digital radiography. Digital radiography is ideal for a variety of industrial sectors because it can image a wide range of material types, thicknesses and densities. It is preferred over conventional film radiography as it eliminates developing time, reduces labour costs and requires less radiation to produce an X-ray image.



Picture of John Herring

John Herring has worked in the construction, fabrication, and manufacturing industries for over 20 years. He began his career as a structural steel welder before moving into non-destructive testing and inspection. His experience includes pressure vessels and piping for Nuclear, piping and tanks for Oil & Gas, insulated ammonia lines inspections for food processors, structural steel fabrication, and automotive castings and assemblies. He is certified as an ASNT RT Level III and a CGSB RT2 and is now specializing in Digital Radiography. John's other qualifications are CGSB Liquid Penetrant Level 2 (PT2), CGSB Magnetic Particle Level 2 (MT2), and CWB Visual Level 3.