Pipe Under Insulation

Digital radiography is very useful for the inspection of ammonia piping on refrigeration equipment in the food processing industry. It is able to measure wall thicknesses and to search for corrosion, erosion, pitting and flaking. This technique can also be used to check the condition and the position of valves, standing silt or icing. This can all be accomplished without having to remove any insulation as would be required with ultrasound and visual inspections. These capabilities make digital radiography well suited to applications in the Oil & Gas industry.

Forensic Inspection

This ancient shield had undergone restoration in the early 20th century. HRT Inspection was asked to determine the extent and type of repair work and look for other details of interest contained internally in the artifact. The shield was too large for a single exposure so HRT took six shots in a clockwise fashion and used the stitching feature in our software to produce this image. The Medusa's face in the center of the shield was about four times thicker than the main body, which required a separate image.

Lightweight Castings

Depending on your requirements, HRT can inspect castings in their entirety, classifying and measuring all indications, or focus on specific areas for particular defects. Our experience consists of a variety of ASTM standards, including but not limited to:

  • ASTM E2868 Steel Castings
  • ASTM E2869 Magnesium Castings
  • ASTM E2422 Aluminum Castings

Many companies are still specifying film standards like E155, E446, or E505. Please contact us to discuss the digital equivalent.

Failure Analysis

HRT can provide imaging services by the hour to allow for complete exploration of failed components prior to disassembly or destructive testing. An x-ray image often proves helpful for reverse engineering, root cause analysis, or the determination of facts in insurance investigations. Our staff has experience with chain of evidence situations.

Foreign Material Inspection

Have your assemblies inspected for completeness, component orientation and alignment. Ensure the absence of foreign items, and check for corrosion, loose hardware, or debris. If your company has had a misrun or if the position of internal parts are in question, then digital radiography may be the answer. An X-ray is the perfect solution to separate correct assemblies from incorrect and eliminate unnecessary rework.


HRT can evaluate the integrity of your composite materials and confirm that internal structures remain uncompromised. Digital radiography can also verify the presence, position and orientation of embedded hardware or hidden features.

Electrical Components

Digital Radiography is useful for finding broken conductors, detecting kinks and pinches, and tracing wayward wires. HRT can also produce geometrically enlarged images to aid in the visualization of small parts and connections.